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My Own Little World

April 14, 2011
By thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
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I stand in my box.
My four corners
Four walls
My own little world
Just me
And my world
No one to judge me
Mock me
Pull me down
Or hurt me
Just me and my own little world
The population only me
my heart races as people begin to line up out side my world
To watch me
Watch me fail
But my world keeps me safe from their harsh words
Well it use to
Before I got lost
Lost in my thoughts
In decisions
In life itself

I try to avoid the fact
Just push it and everything away
Forget it
Just let them have what they want
Let them prove me wrong

One voice comes from the crowd
The voice I thought only princesses hear in farytales

They laugh and tell me not to try
I hear the voice over them
I stand up tall
They pull me down
The voice raises up
I hold me chin up high

When it comes down to it I look around my world
It seems happy
But lonely
All alone
No one to share it with
Just me
And my four corners
And four walls
Just me and my world
I take a breath
My head spinning
Voices yelling
My pulse sky rocketing
I step over the line between my own little world
And the universe
Not knowing what comes next
All I know is one of two things will happen
I will have something sturdy to stand on
Or God will give me wings to fly.

The author's comments:
There comes a time in life when everything gets quiet. Your own little world where you've been hidding out all this time falls apart and your left all alone or so it seems. But then your feel like there is nothing left for you to do, like you should just give up. Then you hear a calm clear voice calling out to you. Comforting you. You feel a burst of relife over you and realize that this is just the dark before the morning. You take a leap or faith out of you little world where He is waiting to catch you. God is always there even in the darkest times and He will never leave you.

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