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Blackboard Paint

May 2, 2011
By CourtneyRose SILVER, Midlothian, VA, Virginia
CourtneyRose SILVER, Midlothian, VA, Virginia
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"I'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a masked man who he is."

I colored my walls with blackboard paint
and lie on my back looking at all the memories unwritten

I'd script the name of the boy I love, our names together every which way
and hearts, lots of hearts

scribble the little bit of poetry I know
the last bit of my dream I remember
the first bit of fate I see

doodles of nature and love to create butterflies
tales of heartbreak and sorrow to numb the senses
legends of sword fights and romance to muster shock and awe

words I've learned
places I'll go
people I love
a to-do list

surrounded by language
ensconced in color
cuddled by dust
as long as I want

my blackboard paint covered the walls and ceiling
I'd do the floor if I could—
to map my world travels—
and the windows, too—
to let the world see my adventures

I'd erase everything eventually
swept away as quickly as created
from life comes death—a secret for me to see—
only to be reborn, of course
I colored my walls with blackboard paint

The author's comments:
1/19/11...I've always wanted to have a room covered in black board paint.

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