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May 9, 2011
By thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
thegirlinthedress GOLD, Ocklawaha, Florida
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I used to think being brave was being fearless enough to walk first into the dark cave. To not be afraid of the monsters under my bed.  To walk first down the dark path ahead with everyone following me.
But as I get older I realize that that's not what brave is. Anyone can tough up and lead the way into a dark cave, or not be afraid of the monsters under the bed, or lead the group down the dark path ahead. 
Being brave is more then just being fearless.  Being brave is standing up to the girl who thinks she owns the world. Being brave is walking confidently with your head high even when your falling apart inside. Being brave is being strong even when you don't know if your parents will be able to pay the rent let alone buy you a new dress for that dance on Saturday. Being brave is moving on past the girl who use to be your best friend forever, but now acts like you fell off the face of the earth and she owns that  globe you just fell off. 
Being brave is so much more then being courageous; It's being fearless in your heart, speaking up, standing up to those monsters in life and being strong.   

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