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My Enemy

May 9, 2011
By Coleyy GOLD, Mission Viejo, California
Coleyy GOLD, Mission Viejo, California
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We do not remember days, we remember moments.
Expect the unexpected.
Life will always through you curves. Just keep fouling them off. The right pitch will come. And when it does, be prepared to run the bases.

You carry me upon your sturdy back
With arms stretched wide, you reach and grab the oceans.
You breathe in the crisp, cool air
And I let out a small tear.
Far beneath my feet
My little world collapses.
With nothing to do to save it,
I take a seat within your world;
Six hours long I sit and wait,
While over the hills and across the valleys,
Fearfulness envelops me as if
I’m drowning in the ocean.
From coast to coast
I leave my mark,
And take a step upon each new soil.
No turning back now,
For fate has me tightly in its arms.
And when I arrive at my new home
I learn the awful lonely feeling
I’ve only read about in books.
New people and strange places,
I quickly fall and lose myself;
My weakness bleeding through.
One day I’ll grow and learn to love you,
But right now you’re just my enemy.

The author's comments:
this is written about an airplane taking me from my home in Massachusetts to my new home in California

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