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A Mother's Never Ending Love

May 6, 2011
By LouLouHeartBreak GOLD, Haw River, North Carolina
LouLouHeartBreak GOLD, Haw River, North Carolina
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Since the day I was born
You’ve taught me to be strong
You’ve always been there for even when we were torn
Even when I was wrong
You showed me a love so pure
Even with our fights
There is no cure
You show me what’s right
You taught me to be the best that I can be
Even when I was left in the dark
You are the woman who gave me everything
And you left your signature mark
I am nothing without you
I am lost without you
You have a heart so big and true
I never knew how important you are
You always keep my feet firmly on the ground
And my world spinning around
You are my bright shining star
You keep my head held high
When everything feels like a lie
You are my waters, grass, trees and sky
You always give me an answer when I ask why
You gave up everything for me and the rest
You gave up your empty nest
Words cannot explain
Why when it rains
I always think of you
And when you’re in pain
I don’t really understand a grand/mother’s love
But one day I will
And I will make you so proud
I hope you know that with everything I do
I always think of you
My heart is always searching
My tears are always yearning
My soul is always learning
My habits are always turning
But with a broken heart I can always find your arms
Open with a world so perfect, no sounding alarms
No crimes, no faults, just love so true
My world revolves around you
The tears I cried so many times before are always wiped away
And I can always hear the words you say
“I love you”
And I know it’s true
I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused
I know I’m full of flaws
I know that’s no excuse
But here I stand today
Saying the words I’ve been too shy to say
“I’m sorry for everything, I’m sorry for all the tears and hurt, but I love you, and never forget that”

The author's comments:
I grew up without my dad and my mom always ran off, so I lived with my grandmaw. She gave up everything to take care of me and my sisters and my brother. I never really thanked her or showed her that I do care so I am opening up here.

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