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Can't you see?

May 1, 2011
By theflyingplatypus SILVER, Durango, Colorado
theflyingplatypus SILVER, Durango, Colorado
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have you ever felt,
like the world is crumbling from under your feet?
like you are drowning in an endless ocean,
and no one sees you
or hears your screams of pain

And finally
when someone notices your cries for help,
the tears pooled up in your eyes, and the blood running down your arm

the laugh and say..
stop trying to get attention

Because they have never felt like that
and do not understand what it feels like
to be cast to the side
like trash

to have your "best friend" stab you in the back,
for one tiny mistake

they don't understand how it feels to have no one there
as you slip
further and further down

all you need is someone to care
but you know that no one does

And when you've finally burned the bridges
and the scars have healed

the person who almost single handedly ruined your life
comes back to you and says
"I miss you, lets be friends again"

and all you want to do is laugh,
and walk away
but instead you smile and say,
"I miss you too"

even though you were so much better off without them

but its not in your nature to hurt others,
disappoint them,
fight back,
or even stand up for yourself

you are naive, trusting, and
believe that everyone is as bothered as you are when they cause others
despair and pain

You wonder if they ever stop and think
"I wonder if I'm the reason she never smiles, why shes always on the verge of tears, and her eyes never light up anymore"

but deep down
you know that this is wishful thinking
because if they cared that much...

they wouldn't have done this in the first place

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