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May 3, 2011
By Raquel25 GOLD, Centralia, Washington
Raquel25 GOLD, Centralia, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Love me, not for her, not for him, not for she, not for he, not even for me, but for you."

"Outer beauty is the eyes reaction to inner beauty"

I met you then; and know you now, goodness gracious if I know how?
You were just the red head, sitting in the corner of the room, it was quite cramped in there it resembled a tiny tomb.
You were loud and you were obnoxious, and your mommy spoiled you to and fro.
I remember sitting by you at lunch; turning to my right, and whispering to another “come on lets just go.”
You flaunted, and you flounced, acting as if you were all that and a bag of chips. I liked to tell myself I was still better, even with your fancy hair flips.
My memories faded as we parted for a while, but soon we were smashed back together; that didn’t happen with a smile. Dancing by each other, set the competition a flame. When one didn’t get a part, it was the other that held the blame. Our excuses were ridicules, such as “you hit me during the jeté!” or “you kicked me in the middle of my fouettés” Are dancing was meticulous, yet our actions outside of the realm of piquées and pirouettes, were much more than conspicuous. But in the end off all this chaos, I have now doubt in my mind, I would Indeed title you as my Best Of All Best Friend. So I tell you again, I met you then; and know you now, and I wouldn’t give you up for any what, where, or how.

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