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Home Is Where The Heart Is

April 25, 2011
By Chabela-Bela SILVER, Austin, Texas
Chabela-Bela SILVER, Austin, Texas
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"Breathe in the world's pain, breathe out love, and let compassion blossom in your life" Yoga Journal
"You're born alone, you die alone. The rest is yours to fill the gap. The world goes on without you here, adjust or just collapse" --F.F.D.P.

I’m at grandma’s house:
where I played, learned to cook, sow,
always drew, stayed.
Now I’m at my home;
where I sleep, eat, go to school.

My cousins and I are crying.
Grandpa has sold all the goats,
all the horses, chickens, pigs,
the three cows and geese,
the school of ducks.
He sold the land.
He sold my home.
He sold my childhood.

I can’t go back though I know how to get there.
It pains me that the new house is
five minutes away
from my childhood.

I realize that back then there was
no choice but to sell the land.
I’ve realized it, but I don’t comprehend the full reason

Now I see how my [house] isn’t
where my childhood, my happiness, rests.
My memories will haunt the place.
Remembering, it’s clear now; grandma’s was
my home.

The author's comments:
My grandma used to own a large ranch out in Bastrop, TX that was practically my house (even though I live and was raised in Austin) . . . so when my grandpa sold everything it broke both me and my cousin's hearts. I'm still not over it so I wrote a poem about it.

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