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The Path of Good and Evil

April 26, 2011
By jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
jaylinkue BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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There’s this path.
This path is stretching for miles and miles,
And this path, never, ever ends.
This path is made with wood,
And decorated with different colors,
The colors flying everywhere,
In your face,
Around you,
And by you.

The path finally splits.
Two different paths,
Which path should I take?
A question you always ask.
You look closer, and see…
A dark path on the right,
And a light path on the left,
And someone on each path is waiting for you.

The dark path holds a dark person, who is talking to you,
Telling you to come to him.
The other path is singing,
And you like how she sings.
The two go on and then finally you fall.
You’re stuck and you cannot figure out which one to take.
Neither stops, but finally something is telling to stand in the middle.
You walk towards the middle and turn around and a path behind you begins to form.
You’re the third Path,
The path of neither,

You cannot make up your mind and you just want to take the neutral route until you’re sure.
People take this path, and you’re happy for them.
Not knowing your own path,
You just wave at people and people feel welcomed.
They go and they figure out what is on the other side.
Light and Dark are both on this road.
No turning back.
And they have to fight it.
Light and Dark battle on this Path,
While others come through,
More happens,
And the more that happens,
The more you get worried.

This isn’t your path.
Not anymore.
You know your path.
You walk to the light side and the neutral path disappears.
As you enter you watch another person stand there.
And the Path of Good and Evil,
You’re sad now,
The path you held onto for years and years,
Is finally back and the path has a new holder,
And you cannot do anything.

You walk on and you find good,
And you made up your mind.
You’re going to destroy the darkness,
And save the questioning.

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