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A Strong Girl's Poem

April 22, 2011
By LiteraryJustice PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
LiteraryJustice PLATINUM, Alexandria, Virginia
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Maybe if you were alright, and I was okay,
Then things just wouldn't have happened this way.
But it's too late, it’s over, no more.
Go on, get out, there's the door.

I won't lie to myself, I know it's true,
That once upon a time, I did love you.
It wasn't fantasy, it wasn't a dream,
You know we were happier than it seemed.

But there it went, too late, too fast,
You ran away from our past.
You couldn't face it, and so you lied,
And deep inside, a part of me died.

And when I needed you most in the midst of all that,
You disappeared at the drop of a hat.
The boy I'd grown to know and love,
Vanished in silence when push came to shove.

And I looked and I searched and I hoped that I'd find,
My wonderful love just in time.
Before the door closed and it was too late,
Before the end of our bittersweet fate.

But when I went to meet you again,
I found it was already too late by then.
You looked through me like I didn’t exist,
My words couldn’t reach you, not one bit.

I could have yelled and I could have screamed,
You wouldn’t have noticed; that’s how it seemed.
That’s when I realized they’d all been lies,
No wonder you couldn’t look me in the eye.

What is this now; are you just gonna pretend?
That this never happened; like that was the end?
Am I completely erased and worthless to you?
How can love lose its shine when it’s still so new?

But I've learned one thing you always should know,
Love and time don't work but to grow.
And if he loves you as much as they say,
He'll come back in time in his own special way.

And it won't take you chasing, alone, all the time,
For him to realize that you were just right.
One day he'll open his eyes and realize alone,
That you were perfect and now you're gone.

Oh but by that time it'll be too late,
You'll be long gone on a diverging train.
You will have sobbed your last sob and had your last cry,
And to you, he'll be just another guy.

Not special, not loving, not unique one bit,
And when he comes to ask why you quit,
You'll look him in the eye with that glimmer he loved,
And tell him about your angel from above.

The one who came to you so long ago,
To save you and love you to and help you to grow.
And you'll point at him with purpose and life,
And kindly thank him for all of his time.

Then you'll turn and calmly walk; don't look back.
Because you've realized now, he's not worth that.
You might feel a little heavy, a bit with regret.
But only because you haven’t realized yet:

That the best is only yet to come.
Don't fear, don't cry, the story's not done.
One day he'll come, the prince who'll be,
The one for you, the bringer of dreams.

And without another word to that boy you once knew,
You'll have left him there, alone and confused.
That's it, that's the end, you might say,
But then again, there's tomorrow: a brand new day.

A new day for love and a new day for friends,
So you see, right here can’t be the end.
Always remember and never forget:
Life is too short to live in regret.

So take what you’ve learned and use it well.
And one day when you’re finally ready to tell,
Another all about just where you’ve been,
Remember your mistakes and remember your wins.

Walk on, move on, life keeps on going,
And us as its actors must keep on rowing.
On and on down this river of life,
It hurts only now in bitter strife.

And you’ll realize, every day you’re getting better,
It’s true, after rain, comes the sunny weather.
You can’t be scared and quit right now,
Just because the sky is full of clouds.

Then when the dust has settled and it’s all been done,
You’ll have become stronger and will have moved on.
And those days you spent wishing to forget it all,
Will dissolve in an instant against a blank wall.

And yes, I know that it hurts; how could it not?
When he looks at you, it’s as though you’ve been shot.
But it’s not that bad, you’ll understand soon,
Things happen for a reason; new romances bloom.

And even though it’s true, some things may break.
What really counts is what you make,
Of these wild events that make up life,
Just don’t give up and you’ll be fine.

Just don’t give up and you’ll be fine.

The author's comments:
The truth about each and every break up. Though it was written shortly after my own, I knew that one day it would come true.

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