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Mother Dearest

April 22, 2011
By lokatelynve BRONZE, Elsmere, Kentucky
lokatelynve BRONZE, Elsmere, Kentucky
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One house can only handle so much.
Its tenants increase with the passing of time,
The foundation begins to crack.
How long can it last?

A house can only take so much, can only support so much.
It tries its best to handle it all, struggling under the weight.
Can its foundation last? It cracks a little more.

It stands tall, erected alone on the street, no one in sight.
Through rain and shine it remains, fighting off the storms.
It cracks a little more.

You can scream your troubles throughout;
You can pour out all your grief.
But in disaster you hear nothing.
You only see its strength, only its stability.
Unshakable, immovable.
Its cracks a little more.

Its furnace radiates heat throughout, warming everything it touches.
Comforting; Reassuring.
It closes the door, pulls the shades,
Keeping evil at bay; keeping the warmth in.
But evil cannot always be kept out.
It tiptoes through the cracks and under the doors to infect the tenants.
It cracks a little more.

Its walls retain marks.
Echoing the past.
Impressions; Reminders.
But look! It remains silent!
Struggling to stand taller yet;
Struggling to hide the pain.
It cracks a little more.

Time: its only enemy.
Paint chips, wood rots, but still it remains strong.
How much longer can it last?
How much more can it support?
It cracks a little more.

The author's comments:
My Mother inspired me to write this piece. She has always been there for me and always will be ready to catch me when I fall. This one is for you Mom!

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