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April 15, 2011
By hannie BRONZE, Cincinnati (Madeira), Ohio
hannie BRONZE, Cincinnati (Madeira), Ohio
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Sometimes I like to close my eyes
And remember the moment-
The second before I looked away:

A joking sound of disgust
From friend walking by
Muttering something about cooties
And “public displays of affection”
As we stood there embracing in the door way

A chuckle fell between us
As he dropped his arms
Laughing at our friend

Attempting to cover the awkwardness,
Yet failing, he smirked
“That was just a hug.
A ‘public display of affection’ would be…

His fingertips glided across my cheek
And he lowered his head
Tilting towards mine

But another giggle cut between us
This time uttered by my own lips
He smiled his goofy grin
My cheeks hot and florid
As I turned my head

And looked away

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