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The Precious Human Life

March 29, 2011
By Ilovelife BRONZE, Scarborough, Maine
Ilovelife BRONZE, Scarborough, Maine
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An eye for and eye makes the whole world blind :)

You are an infant, learning your first words,
learning to walk.
You are amazed by everything in your path.
You wander aimlessly around with your chubby cheeks
and rosy skin.

You are a child, first going to school.
You start to learn about the world.
You find that the world is harder than you once thought.
You walk around with no front teeth
and pig tails.

You are a teenager, getting ready for college.
You are learning to drive.
You try to fit in, try to find your identity.
You waltz around like you own the planet,
with heels and lip gloss.

You are an adult, with a job.
You move out and make a family of your own.
You watch yourself growing older, and do your best to prevent it.
You run around, trying to keep the peace with your family,
in a suit and children on your heels.

You are older now, starting to retire.
You're kids have moved out.
You wonder, where did my time go?
You walk calmly around with your wrinkles,
graying hair, and smile.

You held the hands of your beloved.
You watched the world as it turned.
The regrets,
the memories.
How short your life.
How precious.

The author's comments:
I started writing this poem when I thought of my 86 year old grandfather who is in a nursing home watching as everything he knows disappears after he had a life threatening stroke. I hope that people will feel happy and thankful after reading this poem, because even though it makes our life look so tiny and short, it made me feel thankful for all it was.

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