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April 21, 2011
By Jon Kaul BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Jon Kaul BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I was born a stubborn bastard
with a big head,
reluctant to join the world.
My mother, more delirious
with each diminishing pint of blood.
and my leery father,
about to lose his lunch.

As a toddler, my adventures were endless,
from literally rocking to Simon and Garfunkel,
to slamming myself
into furnishings of the house.
The intricate forts
made from chairs and blankets,
were my second home.

I loved to go fast,
I learned to ski at a very young age.
With each freezing fall
and tumultuous tumble,
I kept on going
My bicycle accompanied me
during warmer seasons, its mileage
surpassing my parents’ Volkswagen.

I was very active
during my young years,
No one could free me
from the ever-enchanting
depths of the pool
I was always glued
to the baseball field
and the bowling alley.
Even the grating game of golf
gained my interest.

I have always been blessed
with great health.
The only hospital visits
were for broken bones,
always trying to go
and higher
than before.
Today I am bound
to minor allergies
and a flip-top box of Marlboros.

Now I am an adult, my interests have changed;
I pride myself in personal responsibility
and my own potential,
instead of relying on others
I have grown spiritually,
and often ponder politics.
My vehicles replaced the video games,
collecting dust in my closet.

I learned through all my experiences
that I am happy with myself,
and content with my life.
With each struggle
I’ve overcome,
I’ve grown and become
a better person,
and I attempt to better myself
in all my endeavors,
despite being a conservative Christian,
in other words,
a stubborn bastard.

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