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You are everything

March 22, 2011
By LULU2 SILVER, Petersburg, Illinois
LULU2 SILVER, Petersburg, Illinois
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be happy for this moment, this moment is your life

When you feel like everything is lost
In the dark, cold night
I will be here to show you the light
Come with me now, there is no cost

The wind will blow
The sun will leave
The stars will show us the way
You can grieve
In the middle of May
But let me be there to soak up your tears
Let me be there because you are everything
I swear

Let the rain pour, let the thunder strike
Let you soul be filled with light
Come with me and you will see
Of all your friends and family

You are the one that came from heaven
You are our savior
So give me wisdom, Give me a reason!
I swear to you
Will we live?
Will we die?
I will help you through the cold
Because you are everthing to me
Cant you see?

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