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My eyes

March 22, 2011
By Squishy_77 GOLD, Federal Way, Washington
Squishy_77 GOLD, Federal Way, Washington
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I didn’t just have Blue
I didn’t just have Green
I didn’t just have brown
I had all three.

My eyes were something special.
Only so many people in the world had something similar to what I had.

Wait before you think something is wrong.
I was born with two different ones.

My left is blue, a light blue.
That in the sun looks so bright I look blind.
In the sun I squint just a bit.
But not with the right.

The right eye changes all the time.
Green to hazel, hazel to brown, to even a light green with yellow.

The green/ hazel/ brown is the only one that changes so often
Its doesn’t want to stay one color
Always changing to keep my friends on edge.
I don’t go a day without someone saying something.

Some days I don’t notice I have two different colored eyes.
And I laugh with my friends when I say, I Just Remembered, I Have Two Different Colored Eyes.

It’s not something that I hate.
It’s not something that I’ll cover up.
It’s not something that will leave me.
It’s something that I love.

The author's comments:
This is the truth from my perspective. It's something that i feel should be read because not many people know, and there are so many questions.

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