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Miracle Underneath The Japanese Sky

March 17, 2011
By Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
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To the Japanese Heroes of Ishinomaki City
The crunching of rubble beneath their feet
The sloshing mud; was a more familiar sound
Than the foreign and infrequent whisper of life
For little hope could their hearts have bound
With the ropes of turmoil and endless strife
Yet still, there were many bodies to be found
The mangled bodies of those who drowned

Until someone said they heard a baby cry
But this belief was dismissed as a mistake
For a baby could not have possibly survived
The merciless wrath of a Tsunami and Quake
But then the soldiers heard the noise again
So towards the debris they began to stride
Their feet against the cold earth drummed
With every step the strange noise replied

Wood and slate they carefully pushed away
Along with pieces of shattered rock and glass
As their faces illuminated with stark dismay
They collectively let out a resounding gasp
In disbelief, they could do nothing but stare
At the tiny baby wrapped in a pink woolen suit
Fashioned in the shape and form of a bear
A soldier picked up the baby with great care

From the safety of her parent’s loving arms
By the Tsunami this baby had been swept
The anguish of their cries could you imagine
When in fear of her death how they had wept
When they heard their baby had been sighted
My mind pictures how they probably rejoiced
When I heard the baby and parents reunited
My heart warmed with what cannot be voiced

And when I imagine such a beautiful scene
With a new perspective I am suddenly filled
Whenever I embrace a loved one of mine
I think of the Tsunami; those who were killed
I hug them more tightly; for I can plainly see
How much I treasure the strength of their love
And the truth that exists within life’s fragility

I once believed that Miracles do not exist
But my heart no longer believes that lie
For I have seen the truth in a beautiful baby
Underneath the Japanese Sky

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the Japanese baby who was found underneath the rubble in Ishinomaki, Japan. I wanted to preserve the moment and also how I feel about it. Through this poem I hope people realize how fortunate they are to still have their loved ones with them because life is fragile and it isn't promised to anyone. Never take your loved ones for granted.

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