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March 14, 2011
By ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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I walk lock-step with you
Our arms twined together
I know you think our minds are synced
The same thoughts of shopping and sleep-overs
And boys
They don't fill my head
Like I hope they fill yours

I hope you don't fell my skin on yours

That shiver I feel
I hope doesn't' move from my spine to yours

I hope it isn't electricity
Or budding love
I wouldn't wish this on anyone
No matter how hard I wish you were mine

I don't want you to hurt the way I do
Tortured by your own mind

This spark doesn't have to light
I am happy
Feeling your skin my skin
I am happy
Walking with you
You are…no
is all I need

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