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One Last Letter

March 14, 2011
By ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
ZoeRocksYourBrain GOLD, Reno, Nevada
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Your wallpaper makes me cringe
Those pink flowers will never grow
Those blossoms will never flourish
Those petals will never fall

I envy their still perfection
It always made me ache
I wanted that for us
To be flawless
Encased in time

We would dance
And kiss
And love
Time would always be locked in her crystalline castle

But instead
We will change
We will grow out of each other
We just aren't ready for eternity
Few young lovers are

Instead we will be stepping stones
To better things and better people
Don't worry, it won't hurt for very long
Just forever
But that pain will fade to a distant sting

It's alright, my love
We will still have our
And those damn wallpaper roses

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