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March 18, 2011
By LuckieMistake PLATINUM, Florence, Colorado
LuckieMistake PLATINUM, Florence, Colorado
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"What doesn't kill me only, will make me stronger in my head..." Papa Roach, Kick In The Teeth

The Night runs slowly down the street,
Chasing after you.
As it slowly closes in on you,
You think "Oh God..."
You try to scream,
You're breathless,
And nothing comes out,
You have no voice.
The Night slowly,
Very slowly,
Swallows you completely...
Filling in light,
With the Dark.
It leaves you unknown,
Nameless you have become.

The author's comments:
I was listening to Vampires Everywhere's song "Undead Heart"...and yeah, I dunno. I just got the idea and wrote it down quick before I forgot it.

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