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I am a Puritan

March 18, 2011
By PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
PoeticTwirler PLATINUM, Wantagh, New York
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If not a better time to want the truth to be told
To have it finally come out and be heard
For everyone to know what the truth is
Let those be warned; whom want the truth
It shall harm

To be a Puritan; is to be pure
Bonnet must be worn
Dress must be dull
Church must be attended
Witches should be a belief

Bonnet not upon head
Dress is scarlet
Church is avoided
Denial of the craft
One must be a witch

Arrest will be upon it
Court will be held
Deny or confess there is the question
Confession is life
Denial is death

Aye a witch
I not want a hanging’
Aye want to live
Life means lying; I not want to lie
God damns liars; I not want to be damned

If I damned
God will not love thee
Damning means no Heaven
No Heaven means aye not a Puritan
I am a Puritan

I not a witch
I never used the craft
I never danced with Satan
Or nor I sign him my soul
I am a Puritan

I shall not lie
I will not be damned
I will go to Heaven
Hell is the firey pit of lying peoples
But I am a Puritan

Let me be heard
Aye not a witch!
Hang aye if thee not believe me
Send me to my Heavenly cloud
I am a Puritan

The author's comments:
So I have recently read The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter in school and the Puritan culture about lying and confession inspired me to write this.
Hope you enjoy :)

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