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let us sleep

March 9, 2011
By zisisz SILVER, Long Beach, California
zisisz SILVER, Long Beach, California
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"a heart of stone, a smoking gun. i can give you life, i can take it away"-bloc party

let us sleep.
watch me as i bend to her every demand, that deadly seduction game of hers, leading victims, oblivious to her games of illusion of love. i stand by her, hoping praying that one day she's going to finally sleep and rest beside me in bed. that she will finally put an end to my suffering and lead me into her heart. the heart that so many have come to fear, and she herself has come to stray from. leaving a beautiful yet terrifying presence in the souls of men and women alike. she is the woman we see everyday. the woman, with the crying child in her arms. she is your mother. she is your daughter. she is the love of your life. even your most darkest and precious secret. she is the light behind those dead eyes. and the one that caused them to be dead in the first place. she is the reason you live for and the reason why you die.
sweet evil temptress, that i have come to know, love, fear and hate.
wont you now finally rest and sleep beside me, in this bed of moonlight and the stars as our blanket. let us awake to the warm sunlight, caressing your soft delicate skin and birds singing in your presence. let us enjoy the love we have for each other, let us have this moment and finally have our long awaited slumber in each others arms.

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i felt this way about someone.

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