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aback a pheonix

February 27, 2011
By kms777 GOLD, Winn, Michigan
kms777 GOLD, Winn, Michigan
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aback a pheonix have you ever flew? surely not of course or you to would be one who knew. knew of the wonders, knew of the pain. knew of the thunder and knew of the rain. for aback a pheonix the world is a different place. for aback a pheonix the world is a tiny space. so from aback a pheonix i shall tell you a story or two. a story from the eyes of a pheonix from which the world has never knew.
there lives only one every ten years and as it dies a new one appears. it knows not where it came from, nor where to go. it knows only its instincts as it starts to grow. the pain of a pheonix is but more than words can explain. only the glorious mind of a pheonix stays sane. for throughout its life the pheonix lives with unsmotherable flames. it can not land without the world set aflame and so it tis a bird that no such other tames. no matter through water, no matter through rain, nothing will ever stop its burning pain. a pheonix is sielent and knows not a word. thus the reason no such pheonix is heard. such a large bird it circles the world about three times a day. in such a small, lonely place the pheonix only wishes there was but another place to fly away. the pheonix goes unseen by almost every human being. and of the ones that are able to see just dont believe what they are seeing. so for 87,600 hours this marvelous bird flies beside nothing but air. for 3,680 day this bird can do nothing but stare. and at the end of ten long years this birds wings have finally reached their peak. and as this bird can flap not once more this bird can finally speak. as it falls to earth it lets out one long cry, but this bird can fly no more no matter how hard it may try. and as it falls at a spped so fast as it kicks and thrashes, it finally bursts into one million ashes.
so aback a pheonix you have never flew. and before it was told its story you never knew. but have you ever cuaght a glimpse of a black floating object ever so small. did you watch as it floated, as it made its long feather like fall. did you reach out and grab it and know with just one touch. know of the pheonix and its pain and story and such. of the pain you could never feel? did you see it in your minfd and know it had to be real? did you cry as you saw a marvelous yet lonely bird? and wish that its final, saddening cry, you would have been lucky and heard? and only but wishing that the world would have knew. and only but wishing aback that pheonix you would have flew?

The author's comments:
well it was stuck in my head for a while cuz i didnt know how to wrote it down. gthen one day i figured it out and it was done in about 5 minutes. its a rather sad poem/story actually. but its one of my favorites

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