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Can You Understand Me?

February 26, 2011
By anisanasir_11 PLATINUM, Orlando, Other
anisanasir_11 PLATINUM, Orlando, Other
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Can You Understand Me?
When I’m all alone
Making everything worse
Afraid to act
Can you understand me?

I wish I had someone
To hold close
When my confidence and self-esteem drops low
Can you understand me?

Wondering I am
Nervously waiting for some solution
What is left for me anyway?
Can you understand me?

Solutions I can never find
Leave me wishing for a smarter mind
I feel lifeless and lost
I don’t want to pay the cost
Can you understand me?

I try to understand myself
But then you came along
If now can I ask you?
Can you trust me?

The author's comments:
This was a personal experience when i felt that everything was falling apart but then i found my solution, the person that i will forever look up to.

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