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You are...

February 11, 2011
By Safiel BRONZE, Sunnyside, New York
Safiel BRONZE, Sunnyside, New York
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You are.. an interesting piece of art- Created by an anonymous painter that has yet to exist- So beautiful, and well made, perfectly done- Yet such a high quality fragment has been purchased by the wrong human- You are… a rhythmic record playing an infinite number of love songs- Everyone wants you, the music you play is mesmerizing to the ears- The notes, the notes that escape you- Yet we hear, but no one listens, because no one wants to- You are… the most highly developed book a brain can perceive- The world gets lost in your words- Fantasies can be created and damaged by the dream like world you create in the minds of the blind- A diary, yet we change everything to fit as a relation to our own life, not yours- You are… the most lyrical poem, written by a hallucination once seen- The most intellectual knowledge not understandable to most men- Revised and revised hundreds of times- Tears and memories attached between each line- Written in the finest script, for beauty draws in attention- Yet most have left for they are too far away from comprehension…

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