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Red, Red Roses

February 28, 2011
By BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
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To your grave I spoke 
Holding a red, red, rose
A gust of freezing cold air whispers to me
That your gone......
And it's killing me.

I've tried to move on
But the memory of you still kills me on the inside
I stood by your grave
Still holding your red, red rose

To the ground I fell
Wiping away tears
And a single rain drop reminds me
That your gone.....
And it's making my body numb.

I've tried to move on
And forget the pain
That your gone and that I'm still here
Cause I'm still holding on to your red, red rose

To the sky I screamed
Oh why couldn't it be me?
The sky laughed at me
And it reminded me like a stab to the heart
That your gone....
And it making my go crazy.

I've tried to move on
And forget all those fights
That we had and never made up for
Cause I'm still holding on for you

To the friends I once had
They all told me that they were my friends
But now that your gone they laugh at me and tell me
That I was really not worth anything
Now that your gone....
And it's making me die on the inside.

I've tried to move on
And remember all those nights we spent under the sky
And tell each other of our plans
But now I'll never get the chance to again

To the people who once knew me
They all told me that a was a fallen angel from God
But I don't see that any more
Now that I've dropped this red, red rose
Now that your gone....

I've tried to move on
But now it's all a shame
As I'm holding this gun up to my head
Praying to God that I'll meet you again.

To the memories that once held me back
And told me to hold on to nothing
But now as I'm dropping I see what I need
Now that this red, red rose had turned black
Now that your gone....

I've held on for nothing
And now I've said my goodbyes
As I lift this gun and whisper
I'll be with you
Just as long as you haven't forgotten about me.

To the gates of heaven I go
And see you waiting for me
And I drop to my knees crying about being happy
Now that this red, red rose has gone black
Now that we're both gone.

The author's comments:
I bad when you find out your friend has just committed suicide, but what's worse is the fact that you didn't do anything to stop or help them. It feels like something is eating a hole right into you.

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