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Have You

March 1, 2011
By Smickles PLATINUM, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Smickles PLATINUM, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
There is a reason that the people from your past did not make it to your future


“Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach?”


My hand
Curls inside of yours,
My knees resting on your body.
And our heads sitting together,
Noses touching.

“Have you ever worn cherry flavored lip gloss?”

You laugh,
Mold your lips into mine
For a quick second.
You go back
To your earlier position.


“Have you ever seen an airplane, and thought it was a star?”


Your playing
With my curls now.
Brushing them
Off my face
Staring intently at the lock
Between your fingers.

“Have you ever seen an elephant and imagined what it would be like as a pet?”

You have that grin,
Where your eyes are smiling.
You look down at the hair
Interlocked in your hands.

“Have you realized you ask a lot of questions?”

I laugh,
Take your hands into mine,
And kiss your nose.


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