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My Dear

February 17, 2011
By Sparky14 BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
Sparky14 BRONZE, Hamilton, Montana
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I know we are done,
something of bygone days
but I've got to know
what might be that look in your eye
when you pass me by
and why must you call me late at night
so my voice you can hear
and why is it that you call me
My Dear
when all we are is friends
but then there are those times
when you don't even give me a sideways glance
and all I see is
the self absorbed jerk
who broke up with me
Why can't you see
I still feel
that fire
and why can't you see
I still love
you amber spark eyes
and your deep soothing voice
that calls me
My Dear
and although I am forever wishing
for a hopeless dream
I still love you,
My Dear

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