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Midsummer's Night

February 18, 2011
By supriyak BRONZE, Fremont, California
supriyak BRONZE, Fremont, California
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Sun shines brightly on this summer day,
As I step out into the blazing heat,
I wish for the wind to blow a breeze my way.
Hearing my wish, the wind sighs in defeat.
Dry leaves crackle at the sudden blow,
Whispering their secrets I shall never know.
Sun setting on the red blazing sky,
Stars begin to twinkle way up high.
Has the blazing day changed to evening?
Far down the street, I hear a bird singing,
About its’ happiness to the cool summer night.
Up above the moon glows in a sheen of light.
Crickets begin chirping as I roam,
On the street, lights begin to flicker on,
Shivering, I decide to turn home.
Leaves crunch as I trample on the lawn.
I walk on with the moon and star’s glare,
Such a beautiful night is very rare.

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