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A Lonely Dreamer

February 18, 2011
By supriyak BRONZE, Fremont, California
supriyak BRONZE, Fremont, California
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The wind howls as I walk through the prairie trying to find hope.
I am alone, with no family and no possessions.
Day after day, I work on trivial tasks for the smallest amount of money.
I see a long road ahead, clouded with dirt, dust, and uncertainty.
My eyes water through the frustration of my life that I must deal with.
I hear the whispers of the night pulsing through the air reaching my lonely soul.
My stomach grumbles hungrily, but that’s always how I feel these days.
I touch my sun burnt, dirty skin, my perseverance lost.
My tattered clothing provides me no protection from the cold of winter.
I dream of happiness, the day my worries and despair leave me.
A tear glides down my face leaving behind a trail of clean skin.
Maybe one day this will all go away,
Maybe one day all my dreams will be fulfilled.

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