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February 21, 2011
By Chrissy_L GOLD, Ramsey, New Jersey
Chrissy_L GOLD, Ramsey, New Jersey
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An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

It’s so clear the way she stole you,
Wrapped you tightly round her finger just,
Like a ring decked in fetid lies,
Whose acrid smell taints my world with rust,
Green as my acid glare.

The bitter taste won’t leave my tongue,
The grating of teeth wearing to dust,
The sour wine to toast she’s won,
As I finger the rose whose thorns do lust,
To tear her down to size.

I set beside that rose of mine,
The shiny apple smooth to the touch,
Laced with want, a poison divine,
To knock her off that wretched crutch,
She’s found in leaning on you.

I wait in ambush, like a snake,
Flaunting my trap before her eyes,
Dead-set on the choice she’s bound to make,
That will become her own demise.

She floats by, arms locked in a gentle gait
With you who won’t stand where I stand,
Not once heeding the lethal bait,
That’s already eaten through my hand.

The author's comments:
This is an "abstract" poem we had to write for English class. It has to focus on an abstarct noun, such as love, greed, hate, or in this case, envy. Before writing it we had to fill out a list of things like sounds, smells, drinks, and foods, etc. that we associate with the noun and work in as many as possible. This is my end result.

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