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Personal Torcher

February 11, 2011
By Grandmasterlio BRONZE, Juenau, Alaska
Grandmasterlio BRONZE, Juenau, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
This is not a personal quote but it is needed

It was time for him to go back among men and take up the rank, influence, and power which great wealth gives in the world 
- Alexander Dumas 

I may know that you are no good for me,
But I care not,
When we are apart, I close my eyes,
my mind is plastered with your face
And my memories with your touch,
I know you can’t be good for me.
When we sit together,
Your cent captures me,
The smile you wear lightens my day
My eyes shift from yours, so tears stay hidden,
My voice quivers and my body goes cold, when I glance at you
Words leave my mouth but in my mind all that is said is
I love you.

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