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Faded Away

January 27, 2011
By RixxOhSixx GOLD, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
RixxOhSixx GOLD, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"It's never too late to become the
person you might have been."
- George Elliot

My blue sky, has long since faded to a darkened gray,
An eerie whisper, of words still too good to say,
A various revolution in arms of some forgotten sorrow,
Black roses shed petals, that fade into tomorrow,
Once a glitter of hope, now forced to turn around,
Simple thoughts creep up, and leave me the one unbound,
Of my 7 deadly sins, why can't one be regret?
Or is it truly there, but something's making me forget?
The edge of deception, is sneaking up behind me,
A story greatly started, but the ending let be,
My shadow walks in a path fit to rule,
Hardships at heart are no longer cruel,
Silent reminders, of something too close to call,
Another chance passes, bringing me closer to my inevitable fall,
Most of my memories won't be cherished until the day,
Until the day someone notices that I have faded away

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