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February 9, 2011
By Lostintranslation BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lostintranslation BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
(Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me

When will peace make its way?
Sitting in darkness
wheres the light?
Darkness surrounds me.
Day, by day, by day
But I still believe
The light just might,
just might show its shine today
But I'll find my way
and I'll show them how
by the words I say
And maybe even they
can live in the light just as i may
I'll live for Jesus one day
I'll give him everything one day
That day needs to be today
Jesus, show me your way

The author's comments:
When I wrote this I was mad at Jesus for letting my friends do whatever they wanted and not having them live for him. But I also felt like I was by myself and he wasn't there for me. Then I realised that I need to live for him as much as I can to to save my friends, then I realised how difficult it would be to give everything up.

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