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Freedom Lines

February 8, 2011
By Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Natherine PLATINUM, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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Bold lines
Darkly imprinted
Obvious. Some may call abrupt
They stare and wonder
Some think why? And are concerned but don’t take action
Some look and ignore,
Act as if its not there.
Cant hide it forever so why bother?
Its permanent,
Forever cut into your skin
Whether visible or not

Lines, that’s all they are on the surface
Underneath, red rivers connected at one ocean
With stories, emotions, and salty tears
Secrets that were painfully held
Cut in the skins layers
To be kept safe, protected from harm

With hurt, shame, and embarrassment a mind can be lost
Doesn’t want to feel them
Wants to feel in control
Wants to lose control
So they bleed
They let their skin breath
Experience a brand new sensation
Their alive!
There’s no denying it
Blood drips and the feeling is surprisingly relaxing
Scared but don’t care

Everything else fades
Here come new worries
“Can I hide this?”
“Will anyone notice”
“What will they think?”
But these are easy to solve
Its fine. It doesn’t matter
Your feeling free
With your worries trapped in those lines
Ironic how feeling free can be being trapped, trapped within yourself
Lost those who once spoke to you
Those you thought cared
Who would try to stop you
Now alone, invincible
No one to stop it
Let it run down your wrist, arms, and legs.
Free from all the pain, worries, and shame.
Free from the life you never wanted
Free with a prick of a blade
Just Free from it all
Thank you freedom lines

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