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January 19, 2011
By Kimberly SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Kimberly SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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What if today the world were to end
And Earth was born again once all of humanity was dead
What if this time we changed places
And you became the nigger and I and mine claimed that we were the superior race
What if karma came back to you
You'd be the slave shackled underneath my ship
And I and my kind would treat you like shit
What if my shoes could fit your feet
What if I stepped out of mine and into yours and you out of yours and into mine
Then you'd see what it truly means to be a human stripped of their dignity
You'd feel the sting of that whip as it left its mark
And I'd try to understand why you haven't a heart
You'd call me Massa, and I you boy
You'd be the savage that was created by Ham
and I'd be the child of our Saviour Lord
You'd fight for your rights and I'll play games
Make you think you had freedom
You'd try to vote I'd put you through hell, then tell you flat out to try again next year
Spit in your face and kill your loved ones
Then out of the blue you take off my shoes and tell me that what used to be right is now wrong
I gladly take back the shoes I once wore and return yours, when you question why I didn't beg to keep your shoes on
I tell you that I as a person of color has a clear conscience, not that we're perfect that I don't agree, but you and yours can never repay for all the mess you've made
Sorry's are word and actions lets just say to many ignorant people are set and stuck in their ways
Ask yourself this question before you make my kind a victim of hate
What tomorrow were judgement day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this not out of hate but because I'd like people unlike me to try and see what life would be like had they been born black.

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