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Shattered Dreams

February 5, 2011
By Sammmmmmmm GOLD, Jefferson, Maryland
Sammmmmmmm GOLD, Jefferson, Maryland
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Strength is hard to get, and easy to use
Don't leave the ones you love for the ones you like ; they, too, will leave you for the ones they love

He lived 9 hours away in Tennessee
She lived in a small town near Washington, DC
He had a crush in his church
But his crush was going out with a jerk
She thanked her lucky stars for that one
They only got to see each other once a year
She treasured their precious memories near
They lived miles away
But she still chose to like him anyway
Did he ever think of her?
They were close, like brother and sister
But one day, like a slap across the face
She realized who wanted to fill the space
The space deep within her heart
The one that wished they weren't apart
The miles between them didn't matter
But she wondered how he'd ever get him to see her as the better

She envisioned them on a hill
Looking at the stars, the air still
The smell of summer in the air
Him gently stroking her hair
But would it ever happen, would it ever be?
She thought, “Surely he would never love me”

She envisioned them chasing each other
As sweet as lovers, as close as brothers
That was how they would be
They'd fight dragons, and live in castles
They'd imagine and play, the whole day
They would dream of sneaking away
To the middle of nowhere,
Just to waste time
And to treasure the word “mine”

She imagined wrestling on an abandoned forest path
Simply for the sake of a fun time and a good laugh
He'd stop suddenly
Stare at her, and gently kiss those perfect lips
She'd smile and roll her eyes
Saying that his affections were lies
He would just shake his head
And that night, happily, she would crawl into bed

The day she was waiting for is here
Where she gets to see him, and hopefully he will call her dear
He sees her, runs up to her, gives her a hug
She knows she has been bit by the empowering love bug
He says, “Hey, sissy! I want you to meet someone!”
He doesn't say who, but she knows
Someone beat her to the prize
In a race of love and lies
And all the images in her head she had vividly seen...
Well, it is now clear they were all just a foolish dream

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