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Visions of Past

February 1, 2011
By cherrykitkats SILVER, Temperance, Michigan
cherrykitkats SILVER, Temperance, Michigan
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A rose red sky looms above me, hues of purple and blue mingling harmoniously
As I am enveloped by the fading warmth of autumn
Leaves drift down around me
From the limbs of the mighty trees that whisper in the breeze

I lean against an ancient oak
The rough, uneven bark, almost soothing to my fingers
Brings back so many memories
Bright and dreary, lovely and tragic, soothing and painful

The sky flashed gray, smudged with dark clouds
The biting frost of winter filled my nose
Snowflakes clouded my vision
Shed by the melancholy clouds that moaned in the wind

My eyes moved slowly to the ground
To his form that laid prone in the cold snowfall
My voice lost, I reached out to him
Heart aching, head spinning, soul yearning

He fades from my vision
Gone, right before my eyes
My fingers touch empty air
I feel my spirit breaking again

I sink to the ground among the leaves and landed in snow
His skin was pale and freezing to the touch
His eyes were unfocused and void of life
His presence had vanished and left an aching chasm in mine

A tear escaped my eye and rolled down my cheek
It fell with the cold winter snow
And lands amid the crisp autumn leaves
Shattering on the stone marker where my love left this world years past

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