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The Other Half Of Me

February 1, 2011
By ashleyn PLATINUM, Zeeland, Michigan
ashleyn PLATINUM, Zeeland, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't take life to seriously, nobody makes it out alive anyways"-Unknown

There's another half of me,
a whole different side.
I side I've never shown before--
too afraid of judgment.

There are nights I fall asleep crying,
but nobody will ever know why--
I hide my pain from everyone,
keeping a smile on my face,
trying to brighten everyone else's day.

There are days my mind goes from silence to screaming--
Tears on my pillow,
and unanswered cries.
It seems life is just whirring by--
for every one else.
But I am still living in the past--
even though it seems I'm living in the present,
with dreams for the future.

Keeping my memories close to my heart.
I remember holding your hand,
and that look in your eyes--
the special times we had,
how I wish they could last.

But now all that's left is dead dreams--
and a broken heart.
How I wish I could have a new start.
I'm trying to move on--
some days are easier than others,
it's still hard for me--
because I'll always be burdened with those memories.

The author's comments:
I love this poem I just sums up a lot in life.

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