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The Little Boy Who Wanted Forgiveness

January 27, 2011
By Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
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The ubiquitous fog disappears…
The Little Boy didn’t see it waiting there for him.
He looked around.
… The Little Boy could hear the clicking of the light as the light blinked.

He could hear the screams of silence-
As if the silence yearned for it.
The Little Boy thought it would wait for him.
He grew upset.
He remembers telling it he loved it.

However, it must have gotten caught up in its feelings.
He heard the monsters laugh at him for his beliefs-
His belief that it would wait for him-
His belief that it knew he loved it.

The rustling of leaves and the crackling of the branches-
They whispered with the wind what happened to it.
Although, they couldn’t whisper its whereabouts.
The Little Boy became more upset.

The flowers hummed what it felt and how it behaved.
The Little Boy finally understood it.
He looked for it where he thought it would be.
However, it wasn’t there.

The pattering of the rain disappointed him.
The moaning of the old house encouraged him to bring it back.
The squeaking of the mouse finally gave The Little Boy determination.

The Little Boy decided to find it.
He promised to find Teddy Bear quick.

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