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dreams lament

January 14, 2011
By josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
josephdamian SILVER, Brampton,
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I woke in a dream with sorrow,
I questioned and lamented the end of all things.
With the end, dawning nearer,
I fear, I cry, I worry, I retreat.
Falling back asleep I hear a voice reply and it said;
"You are a fool to rejoice in the entanglements of life".
The words, so harsh...Yet oh so true...
The freedom and beauty of life itself...
Was just a fake, a trap. And I, were it's victim.
Still looking back at the pain and the regret but yet,
I realize once more that there's nothing to regret...
My past is behind me, my future still continuing but still you stay with me.
But for how long shall you stay by my side...
A day, a week, a month, a year?
Forever...I hope that shall be your answer.
Perhaps. But life itself is the very thing between us pulling me away,
Because I can't seem to find who I am...
And I've felt this way before...
It's better if you stay cause hell is overwhelming me to go back... To the pits of hell, I'll be your guide.
I would rather burn alongside you...
Then to live without you.
Whether or not it brings pain or joy, I will be there. Alongside you.
Your act confuses me, my thoughts confuse me, but yet...
I understand the feeling of remorse, of regret, of love...
Which is our greatest hope and even our greatest nightmare.
But yet we learn one thing from love and life....
The purpose of life is to end.
To you, the purpose of life may be to end...
But in my eyes it is to learn, to enjoy, to support and create.
With life, we learn to love, which is one emotion I myself cherish most...
And if we had not had life, we not would have had each other.
Better to feel something, than nothing at all.
But all life brings is despair, discomfort,hopelessness & death.
But you tell me there's much more to it... I believe you.
In between the begins of life, and the end...
You find happiness and love...
Within this sho
rt amount of time...
You and I shall cherish every last second. So I lamented in my thoughtless acts of the desperate...
But one more day I shall live through it,
With no regret, or remorse.
One more day of happiness and love...
One more night of lament dreams...
Over and over, this cycle of life repeats for us both.
Until the day of night closes in on one of us,
Ending the very thing we stand for
Blissfully, unwillingly, unwantedly, undisputed...
But yet, we still fight it.
Until the end, I shall not step down.
Until the end, I remain by your side.
In your forever lament dreams.

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on Feb. 17 2011 at 2:33 pm
Samantha.S SILVER, Brampton, Other
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Forever is the answer. Always was, always will be