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January 14, 2011
By Stubbleo77 SILVER, Garden City, Michigan
Stubbleo77 SILVER, Garden City, Michigan
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Circles, circles, circles. My mind chases itself around like an inane dog. Maybe one night I'll be able to surrender and grow a long enough tail.

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on Feb. 8 2011 at 11:01 am
HisPurePrincess ELITE, Flemington, New Jersey
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this is really good.  it's very short, but conveys just as much as if you'd put lots of description of the dog/yourself chasing the tail.  good job!

on Feb. 8 2011 at 7:03 am
Nooneimportant2u, Tallahassee, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"If you really knew me, you wouldnt have to know about me"

Its short but holds alot of profound meaning, i must ask out of curiosity; what caused you to write this?