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January 21, 2011
By starrynightangel BRONZE, Muscat, Other
starrynightangel BRONZE, Muscat, Other
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Nostalgia is a seductive liar.

she wakes up in the morning
everything a blur
she tries hard to remember
how she got here
before it all came crashing down
hitting her hard against the ground
her world collapsing around her
she has nothing but emptiness and fear

shivering and timid without a hand
she stands alone
enduring the pain she cant cure
unsure of herself
she looks into the mirror
deperately trying to figure herself out
wondering what went wrong
but she cant find herself
who am i ?
where did i go?
she tries to put upa smile
only to reveal more sadness
she has been stripped off
of the last bit of faith that was left in her
all her tears dried
she only wishes to die
everythin that she once knew
feels strange and new
she has been broken and fixed
and now she is broken again
with noone beside her
to help her put the pieces back again
if she'd get through the night
feign another day, nothing but another lie

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