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Dreams Crushed & Some Made

December 17, 2010
By LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
LegendTitan30 GOLD, Parker, Colorado
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"Anything is possible once you set your mind to it"

The day has come,

I am about to show them what I got,

I pack my stuff,

I go to bed and dream of winning,

I get up at 6:00 am,

I get ready,

I put on my clothes,

I get my stuff together,

Get into the car,

I drive to the bus,

We are taken to a foreign place,

Somewhere where dreams will be made,

and some crushed,

We get to the deck,

People starring,

People gasping,

People laughing,

People crying,

People whispering,

We put our stuff down,

Put on caps & goggles,

Separated by the fast to faster,

Jump in,

As we are jumping into a family of sharks,

We go under the water,

Then come up for air,

We got back under,

We come up for air,

We do this until we reach a wall,

A wall to separate us from the real world,

And our world,

We flip,

Perfectly sequenced,

We do our strokes and breathing until our body is warm,

We say our chant,


We get out and wait,

We wait for that gun shot,

Everyone is watching,

Its quiet,

We are in our world,

A world where no one can disturb us,

We get onto the block getting ready to fly,

We hear that gun shot,

We fly across the water,

We do our "things",

As we head towards that wall,

We flip as if we don't want to go back to reality,

We do what our coaches and family have taught us,

We go to other wall and we hit it,

As we finish our time in our world,

We lift the goggles,

The goggles that let see when we are in our world,

We lift it up and we are back to reality,

We look up and see there faces,

Then look at the clock,

Now we see why those faces are like that,

We get out of the water,

Go to our supporters,

They tell us,

We are Legend.

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