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The Gun

January 19, 2011
By KevinM PLATINUM, Xxxxx, Arkansas
KevinM PLATINUM, Xxxxx, Arkansas
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A mother pleading take my life
I cant bear the pain any longer
A child's cry breaks her heart that much more

She pleads
Son I need you to end my pain
The gun in the shelf go get it

As the son gets the gun
His cries echoing off the walls
Pleading for his mom to reconsider

As the screams grow louder
The pain killing both her and her son

As he hands her the gun
She tells him no son you have to

I no longer have the strength in my arms
he hesitates
His mom starts screaming

Pull the trigger
Shoot me
He puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger

The mother with the pain of death pulsing through her veins
Begins screaming as she notices her son
This pain worse than any she has at the moment

She finds all the strength left
Crawls to her son
Says goodbye as her son slowly drifts away

Her sobs echoing off the walls
She picks up the blood covered gun
Says her final goodbye

Her final words rang I am coming Dylan
Wait for me
The final gun shot rang

A small voice breaks all silence
Mom I'm still here
Tears poured from his eyes

As he leaves to meet his mom

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