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January 13, 2011
By NeverSayShhh SILVER, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
NeverSayShhh SILVER, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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The trees softly touch the sky,
whispering ‘hello’ to the stars that lay ahead.
The moon smiles down at me as I look around in awe.
It’s amazing how the stars hold the moon and the trees hold the stars-
like a close knit family.
They pull through the darkness,
shining their light on each other
so they don’t lose sight of what they’ve got- And that’s how it should be.
But as dawn approaches a storm rolls in. The stars and moon run for cover,
and the poor sad trees are left
to fend for themselves.
Swaying in Pure Rage,
the trees are being bullied by the higher power.
They look as helpless as I feel
as they are pushed from one way to another. And when needed most,
the warm sun comes out shining bright
pushing away all the ‘hurt’.
But it’s time for the sun to leave,
the day has come to an end.
The stars and the moon make their way
back into the sky.
And the faithful trees are once again
Whispering to the stars,
blindly accepting apologies that won’t make a difference the next time the wind blows.
I take one last look at the helpless trees-
and wonder why they don’t just whisper to the sun,
when it’s been loyal all along-
Between me and the trees
I feel all it’s pain-
and when the clouds roll in,
I’ll expect it to rain.
Crazy what a whisper turns into.

The author's comments:
Inside the Poem: this poem is actually about abusive relationships. the person is the trees and the person they are dating has like 2 sides [stars and moon]. everyone has that one friend that they can always trust to be there [sun]. (:

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