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January 3, 2011
By proth SILVER, Castle Rock, Colorado
proth SILVER, Castle Rock, Colorado
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You are the dog in the pool net,
The bacon and bean soup can in the
You are the Good & Plentys
And a lime green plastic purse
You are hand-me-down red Converse

And toilet papering at midnight

However, you are not the Barbie dolls,
Pink Victoria's Secret bags,
Or credit cards
And you are most certainly not
the hairspray

There is just no way you're the hairspray

You are the lacy orange bikini
You might be the Beanie Baby in the Happy Meal,
Perhaps even the Princeton sweatshirt
But you are definitely not

The silly string

You are in the pool in the rain
And the red dress on the mannequin
The chipping electric blue fingernail polish
And the Diet Pepsi

And you still are the yellow pumps

It might interest you to know
That I am the red scooter,
And country music
I am the stack of 12 Oreos,
Blue bubblegum ice cream
And the stained gray uniform

I will always be “Dancing with Horses”

You and I, we're still stuck in a pool net,
You bring the Good & Plentys
I'll bring the Oreos

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