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The Tree

January 5, 2011
By Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
Saika PLATINUM, Durango, Colorado
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Love and Tolerate every person, pony, and brony <3

The Tree
Blows the softly in the wind
Weighed down by the snow
That lies heavily on top of its hibernating limbs
The tree
Is older than the oldest
Wiser than most
Has seen the good, bad, and has endeavored pain
The tree
Has almost been cut down
However, children heartily protested
And the old tree endured the worst
The tree
Has never found love
But has saw lovers sit under him
Their energy strong, and sometimes murder
The tree
Has been here so long
His lovely children have passed away
Nobody comes to see him again
The tree
Is near death
Coming to deaths loud kiss
Three men came
Then he was gone
The tree

The author's comments:
I wrote this while I was really bored! lol, hope you enjoy! ^.^

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on Dec. 5 2011 at 11:44 am
ethan_bane_hope GOLD, Willis, Texas
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there is nothing to fear except fear itself

wow this is really good, especially for just being bored

on Dec. 2 2011 at 3:03 pm
HaleyAngelEyes96 PLATINUM, Johnston, Rhode Island
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"A broken heart can not be fully fixed, just repaired for the moment </3"
"When the going gets tough, knock someone out" ;D <3
"It's easy to fail, hard to succeed"

Amazing! Annd well put together. It's beautiful