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The Doll and Teddy Bear Played Tag

January 2, 2011
By Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
Fran94 SILVER, Hayward, California
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"If you are content with being yourself and never compete or compare, everyone will respect you."

Playing in mud the color of sand,
The sun shines like a white knight.
Teddy Bear and the Doll play games with their hands.
They play I Spy within their sight.

The slide imitates a plane-
Looping and zig-zagging every which way.
Teddy Bear and the Doll dance in the rain.
They build castles in the sandbox in May.

They play leap frog.
They go on a merry-go-round.
They play fetch with a dog.
At the end of the day, they played in the dirt mound.

Their clothes dirty, but their hearts clean of sorrow.
Therefore, they will play more tomorrow.

Teddy Bear and the Doll made a pact to only play and talk to each other.
They will never show themselves to others.

They play wherever and whenever for long periods of time.
From the beaches in the morning to the tropical forests at night.
They don’t even need a dime.
To go wherever they want, they just take a flight.

Smiles have become real on their faces.
They challenge each other when it comes to races.
They feel true happiness in their hearts.
Then, the hugfest starts.

Will this dream last forever?
Or is their reality only a dream?
They left no trace of themselves for people to find them and they are clever.
All their sorrows and pain fell into a stream.
Washing away completely…

The author's comments:
I truly hope people can see what the message is in this poem. Enjoy!

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