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January 2, 2011
By Arcaeynn SILVER, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Arcaeynn SILVER, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"The only thing we're allowed to do is hope that we won't regret the decision we made."

Existing in our stately world,
Humans live, and excel in terms
Thinking, hoping; saying, dreaming
They can only Believe.

Dreaming dreams of our desires
People dance, and twirl their fates
Seeing, peering; believing, praying
They are blinded by their hopes

Knowing that, and living on
Mortals sing until they break
Wishing, asking; crying, begging
They pretend to be at peace

Fires rage, and time is turning
Yet they sit there with no yearning
Waiting, sightless; hoping, breathless
What fools they are, to trust.

Falling deep into the depths
Life rests itself into our hands
Trusting, hoping; knowing, reading
When will they see the dawn?

Their flaws abound, seeking, flying
The world awaits upon our terms
When Hope is gone, and Faith is lost
We, you, can simply Believe .

The author's comments:
A poem I wrote for a report. Enjoy!

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